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Oakley Prizm Lens
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Prizm, a revolutionary lens technology from Oakley, dramatically enhances detail to improve
performance and provides ultra-precise color tuning, designed for specific environments.

Philosophy Of A Lens

Oakley eyewear is designed to perform — rooted in 40 years of history in innovation and a philosophy of a lens that sets the brand apart.

Developing a lens is a perfect science. The closer you come to perfect, the better the experience.

All Oakley lenses and frames are purpose built for each other, as one cohesive unit, ensuring for maximized performance. Each cut of the lens is precise — too small of a cut and the lens will move within the frame, and too large of a cut and the lens will not fit properly. It is Oakley’s lens research, technologies, design, material and manufacturing that results in eyewear good enough for the world’s best.

With total control over the process and details, Oakley produce one comprehensive, single-layered lens. Most brands take existing lenses and coat or glue layers of material to enhance vision. At Oakley, materials are mixed into the lenses making a molecular bond — no glues and no adhesives — resulting in a clear view to see details earlier, faster and deeper.

“What sets Oakley’s Field Testing program apart from the competition is our un-compromised commitment and experience to testing products in the exact environment and conditions the professional athlete perform in on a global scale. Oakley products are designed to meet the rigors of competition as well as celebrate the spirit of the sport. It’s imperative we experience how the product performs in the field before it goes on an athlete or consumers face. Prizm lens technology went through this process with four years of fielding testing, 20-30 testing trips in seven different countries. This commitment to product performance provides the best product for the best athletes and consumers on the planet.”

David Steiner, Oakley R&D Field Testing Program Manager


See It To Believe It

Fine-tuning vision and optimizing contrast, Prizm lenses reveal details that would typically be missed by the naked eye.

Whether on the mountain, road, water, field or course, Prizm lenses allow athletes and consumers to see details earlier, faster and deeper, resulting in an enhanced experience.

Tune the lens below to see the colors that are enhanced per environment and how it impacts your vision:

Tune the lens for yourself

Shallow Water Lens MX Lens Daily Lens Snow Lens Golf Lens Field Lens Road Lens Trail Lens Deep Water Lens Cricket Lens

Prizm Shallow Water enhances greens and coppers and keeps whites bright so anglers can better see hiding spots and fish shadows. The added polarization cuts through the glare of the water.

Prizm MX enhances browns and reds of dirt while maintaining a color pop in greens, enabling riders to spot subtle transitions between dirt conditions and obstacles, and choose their lines with more confidence.

Prizm Daily enhances all colors — with the same Prizm performance technology used for sports, but is balanced to create an enhanced visual experience with vibrant colors.

Snow environments are dominated by white and lack any particular color. Prizm Snow accentuates cyan and reds - colors that we can best detect snow contrast with.

Prizm Golf accentuates greens and brown, helping golfers spot transitions between the fairway, fringe and rough and gauge distance with accuracy.

Prizm Field brightens whites, enhances blue skies and increases saturation of grass and dirt so players can track the white ball faster against the background.

Prizm Road brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds so riders can see subtle changes in road texture and spot hazards more easily for a confident riding experience.

Prizm Trail enhances browns and reds of dirt while maintaining a color pop in greens so riders can spot transitions between dirt in a variety of lighting conditions.

Prizm Deep Water filters out the shades of blue that overwhelm your vision on open water, while boosting greens and reds and keeping whites bright, so anglers can spot flashing fish and see what’s beneath the surface. The added polarization cuts through the water’s glare and the dark lens provides comfort on long days out on the water.

Prizm Cricket enhances reds, greens and browns, increasing contrast of a red or white cricket ball against green grass and brown dirt.

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See the Faces
Behind the

Meet the innovators behind
Prizm Lens technology

Team Oakley

Prizm lenses are worn by Oakley athletes during the best sporting events in the world and in their everyday lives.

  • Cricket Player

    Dale Steyn

  • Golfer

    Zach Johnson

  • Golfer

    Rafa Cabrera-Bello

  • Cyclist

    Mark Cavendish

  • 철인 3종 선수

    Jan Frodeno

  • 철인 3종 선수

    Javier Gomez Noya

  • 철인 3종 선수

    Mirinda Carfrae

  • Cyclist

    Caroline Buchanan

  • Mountain Biker

    Greg Minnaar

  • 낚시애호가

    Kevin VanDam

  • 스노우보드 선수

    Sven Thorgren

  • Baseball Player

    Giancarlo Stanton

  • Mountain Biker

    Julien Absalon

  • Skier

    Joss Christensen

  • Cyclist

    Pauline Ferrand-Prévot

The Prizm Line-Up

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